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The ONE Study consortium is made up of thirteen partners: eight are academic institutions and five are companies that support research. Five countries are represented: France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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The participating groups have been chosen for their scientific excellence, technical expertise, experience in translational research, and for their managerial skills. Our participants are scientists of the highest standing in the disciplines of Immunology, Cellular Immunotherapy and Organ Transplantation in Europe and US, and are internationally recognized for their outstanding achievements. The ONE Study consortium incorporates basic and clinical scientists, as well as commercial partners interested in cell therapy and diagnostic technologies. Undoubtedly, the academic partners will benefit from interactions with Miltenyi, ESI, Pharmatching and clinIT in terms of licencing their cell products, tracking those cells in vivo, and development of sophisticated data collection systems. Equally, the industrial partners should benefit by their contact with those partners developing novel therapies and we fully anticipate that these relationships will lead to commercially exploitable technologies.

The Project Coordinator Prof. Edward K. Geissler, Ph.D. is currently the Head of Experimental Surgery at the University Hospital Regensburg. He is well-known globally for his work in Transplantation Immunology and Cancer Research as it relates to posttransplant malignancies. He is particularly recognised for his work in translating basic research concepts into high impact clinical studies, reflected by his receipt of the 2008 German Cancer Research Prize for Translational Research. He received his basic and postdoctoral training in Transplantation Research at the University of Wisconsin, Department of Surgery. Prof. Geissler is an active member of numerous international associations, including The Transplantation Society, European Society of Transplantation and American Society of Transplantation. He is also co-Editor-in-Chief of a new journal which is soon to be launched, Transplantation Research.

The consortium will be supported in the administrative issues by ALTA, an experienced company specializing in managing the administrative and practical aspects of EC funded projects. ALTA will also support the consortium in the Dissemination and Training Activities, developing and implementing plans for the communication and the visibility of the consortium. This will allow all partners to concentrate on delivering the scientific objectives of the project.